Stay Cozy Weighted Blanket, Velvet, Black (8 lbs)
Stay Cozy Weighted Blanket, Velvet, Black (8 lbs)

Stay Cozy Weighted Blanket, Velvet, Black (8 lbs)

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Stay Cozy Weighted Blanket, Velvet, Black (8 lbs)

Are you tired of restless sleep? Feeling anxious? Tired of feeling tired?

Our handmade weighted blankets are here to help!

Made with nearly 8 lbs of our luxury tube yarn, these blankets are soft on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Basically, it's like a blanket full of clouds.

So why a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets have been shown to:

Reduce stress

Reduce anxiety

Improve sleep

It's kind of like getting a hug from someone you love. The gentle pressure tells your body you are safe and that it's okay to relax.

What makes our blankets different from other weighted blankets?

Ours aren't TOO heavy. They feel weighted but not overwhelming.

Ours aren't too hot. Each blanket it hand knit, and the knit pattern allows air to flow through the blanket so that you don't overheat.

Ours aren't filled with those annoying beads. Instead, soft, fluffy fibers fill our blankets.

Ours come in colors other than gray! Although we do offer gorgeous gray options, we have a variety of colors so you can match your blanket to your space.

Okay, but how will this blanket hold up?

We know life can be messy, and your weighted blanket - and your sleep - shouldn't have to suffer. Our blankets are made for everyday use, and are machine washable!
Modern meets cozy with our hand knit weighted blankets.

So what are you waiting for?
Better rest is just an Add to Cart away.

Made with Stay Cozy's Black Big Velvet yarn

Approximate size: 40”x60”

Approximate weight: 8 lbs

A portion of every sale is donated to support immigrants and refugees transitioning into our community.