A note on creativity | Stepping stones

A note on creativity | Stepping stones

I often feel like the expectation is to choose a path and stick to it. However, I’ve found that:

1) I don’t do well with that, and

2) it’s kind of boring.

I realize this is not true for everyone! Some people love the results of choosing a path and making consistent progress. But I’m learning to be honest with myself, and the truth is that my paths usually look more like stepping stones. Stepping stones that were hand laid so the distance between them is inconsistent. They definitely move you forward, but sometimes side to side a bit as well. You can walk, but also a hop, skip, and a jump can be suitable.

It's taken me a while to accept this aspect of myself instead of being hard on myself for not "sticking to the path" or "finishing what I started". Obviously there are days and projects, seasons and reasons for that, but overall, it's just not my way.

Do you know how you best create and move through life? I'm curious if you've noticed or thought about it before. If so, are you still fighting with yourself? Or have you accepted it?

Currently, my husband and I are remodeling our barn into a work space for me. It's so fun and I'm learning A LOT - think framing, setting windows, and sheathing - but definitely not in my hand knitting and chunky yarn wheelhouse!

I was feeling a bit anxious about getting back to making with yarn, but this is my creating right now. It's taking a lot of physical and mental energy, and there just isn't a lot left over for other things. But, I know there will be again.

Have a break from my typical creating has also giving me time to think. I've had some new ideas and clarity for next steps I want to take with Stay Cozy. It's kind of like when you go on a road trip. Being away from your normal every day life gives you time to process and to gain perspective. That's how I feel right now.

Okay, that's probably enough analogies for one blog post :)

How does creativity look in your life right now?


stay creative, Jessica



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