How do I place a custom order?
What's your lead-time for custom orders?
Please see our announcement bar at the top of the website for current lead times.
How does shipping work?
I currently only ship within the US (I know, bummer for my international friends. I'm sorry!) Shipping is calculated at checkout and based on shipping destination.

What is tube yarn?
Our cotton tube yarn is made with cotton on the outside and soft, pillow-like polyester fibers on the inside. It is a modern twist on traditional yarn and is easy to work with.

Our velvet tube yarn is made with velvet on the outside and soft, pillow-like polyester fibers on the inside. It is a modern twist on traditional yarn and is easy to work with.

What can I make with tube yarn?
Our tube yarn is perfect for a variety of projects, including but not limited to: blankets, pillows, baby boats, pet beds, wreaths, baskets.

Our tube yarn is easy to make with. You can use extra big knitting needles, but we prefer to use our hands! Our free, step-by-step video tutorials are available under the "Tutorials" tab so you can learn how to create several popular items!

YouTube channel: Stay Cozy Creative Co

How many skeins do I need?
Below is an estimate for how many skeins are typically needed for some popular projects. These are just estimates and actual amounts will depend on the yarn, the project, and the creator. The bigger the project, the bigger the variation possible. If in doubt, we recommend purchasing an extra skein (or 2)!

  • Small basket - 1-2 skeins
  • Baby throw - 4 skeins
  • Baby Boat - 5 skeins
  • Adult throw - 7-10 skeins
  • Twin - 10-12 skeins
  • Full/Queen - 16-18 skeins
  • King - 18-20 skeins 

How do I connect multiple skeins?
When you purchase more than 1 skein of the same color yarn, we will connect it for you! We know you want to start creating as soon as possible, so we are happy to make it as easy as possible. However, if you create a project with different colors or choose to purchase skeins at different times, you can simply sew the ends of two skeins together. Here's a video to show you how: Connecting two skeins of tube yarn

Why is Stay Cozy tube yarn so amazing?
Our tube yarn is both beautiful and durable! We know frustrating it can be to buy something nice and then have it fall apart after normal wear and tear. We also know what it's like to have kids and pets and feel the tug of war between have something pretty or something practical. With our Big Cotton tube yarn, you can have both!

Our tube yarn is:

  • Machine washable
  • Kid friendly
  • Pet friendly
  • Life friendly
Didn't see your question answered? Please let me know what you need, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I appreciate your patience and support!