Cozy Conversations

  • The Chunkiest Granny Squares Ever?!

    These chunky, hand crocheted granny squares have taken the internet by storm. I think the nostalgia of a granny square has struck a cord, and the chunky quality has peaked curiosity, bringing new energy to an old idea.

  • A note on holiday wreaths

    We are doing holiday wreaths a bit different this year...
  • A note on creativity | Stepping stones

    Some people love the results of choosing a path and making consistent progress. But I’m learning to be honest with myself, and the truth is that my paths usually look more like stepping stones.
  • The barn renovation has begun!

    We had talked about using this barn as my work space a couple years ago, but the timing wasn’t right...But today, I’m ready to be closer to home again.
  • Stay Cozy is moving

    Nearly two years ago I found the studio where Stay Cozy is currently located, and I fell in love. The space, the big windows, the location. Everything was what I wanted and needed for that season of my life and business. But things have changed, and so has my vision for Stay Cozy.
  • Shipping & Pricing Updates

    While I know that free shipping is something many people hope for with online purchases, I have decided I want to move away from this model for a few reasons.
  • Walmart pick-up and finding a new rhythm

    I wish I was joking when I said that during the first week of being social media free I ordered Walmart pick-up at least 4 times.
  • What I learned from being social media free

    "we are all carrying personal and collective burdens that are old and new...I knew I needed a break"
  • From cozy beginnings

    From cozy beginnings, Stay Cozy was birthed out of my season of motherhood. Going from working full-time to adopting our daughter and staying home ...