The Chunkiest Granny Squares Ever?!

These chunky, hand crocheted granny squares have taken the internet by storm.

These granny squares have brought so many new faces to my social pages and to my best selling tutorial to date! It makes me so happy that you love them as much as I do.

My favorite thing about this creation is how much new energy and excitement it's brought to an old idea: the granny square. I think the nostalgia of a granny square has struck a cord with a lot of people, and the chunky quality has peaked curiosity.

How it began...

As with anything, it began with an idea. I loved all of the granny squares I saw on the internet, but as someone who almost exclusively hand knits and/or crochets, I'd never made one.

Since tube yarn is my first love, I started with our cotton and velvet tube yarns. I watched the video "How to Crochet a Granny Square" by simplydaisy on YouTube. It was SO exciting seeing it come together, but I had to make quite a few adjustments because the tube yarn was just too thick and bulky to follow the pattern exactly. Watch my video where I first shared the finished granny square.

I'm really proud of this first granny square, and here's the details:

- My first granny square EVER

- Made with a mix of our cotton tube yarnvelvet tube yarn, and our new ultra lux velvet tube yarn

- It's actually a rectangle

- I used just under 6 skeins = 6.4 lbs

Then the next iteration...

I decided to experiment with chenille yarn. I honestly haven't made much with this yarn, but let me tell you that making these granny squares with it has made me obsessed. I already have so many new colors on order, and my current stock of chenille yarn is on sale!

I quickly found out that chenille yarn worked so well for this project and decided to share my journey of making 6 squares and piecing them into a full blanket.

This is when the internet really took notice and became as invested in this experiment as I was. You can see the full reveal video here, and all the videos leading up to that day are posted on all of my socials. Below are some photos of the process.

Below are the details on the chenille granny square and blanket:

- One square uses about 3.5 skeins of chenille yarn (probably 5-6 skeins to ensure enough of each color)

- The full blanket (6 squares) uses about 20 skeins of chenille yarn (get a few extra to ensure you have enough of each color)

- The tutorial is for the hand crocheted granny square only, but I have other free supplemental videos showing the individual stitches (triple crochet, double crochet, half double crochet) and how I connected the squares together.

What's next?

This creative journey has been so fun, and it's not over yet! I just finished my most recent chunky granny square, and a new tutorial is in the works.

Watch the video where I compare my first and second granny squares made with tube yarn, sharing the similarities and differences and what I learned.

Thank you coming along for the ride! Let me know if you decide to try making your own chunky granny square. I'd love to see your finished project!

Stay creative,


Chief Creator at Stay Cozy Creative Co.

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