From cozy beginnings

From cozy beginnings, Stay Cozy was birthed out of my season of motherhood. Going from working full-time to adopting our daughter and staying home full-time, to becoming pregnant and giving birth to our son, motherhood has changed me significantly. And yet, it has also been a reawakening to my younger self. The girl who spent hours writing stories in her room, who made hand drawn birthday cards for her friends, and who pieced together a Christmas tree skirt as a gift to her mother. Creativity has always been a part of who I am, but as I grew up and my schedule became full of activities, free time for creativity faded away.

It wasn't until I found myself as a mother of two, spending the most time at home that I had in my adult life, that I began to look for ways to occupy my hands and my mind. I started with loom knitting, making hats for friends. Then, as orders continued to come in, I realized I had a teeny tiny, baby business.

I was naturally drawn to chunkier yarns, and when I came across "tube yarn", I was intrigued. After extensive research and the help of my entrepreneur husband, I found a supplier and placed my first order for what would become Stay Cozy's Big Cotton yarn. I was hooked.

My goal at Stay Cozy is to help you stay cozy, creative, and kind. I plan to do this in the following ways:

  1. Sell Big Cotton yarn at a competitive price. Although it is more expensive than your traditional yarn due to its size and uniqueness, I have priced our yarn super competitively. I want you to be able to enjoy this fun, creative medium as much as I have!
  2. Create video tutorials. I don't just want to provide you with the yarn, but I also want to equip you for how to use it. I plan to create simple video tutorials on some of my most popular products so you can make them at home, give them as gifts, and then use your own imagination to create new things!
  3. Host workshops. I'm so excited to host "Make & Take" workshops where you and your friends can come learn how to make a blanket with your own two hands. I'll provide the materials and lead you step by step. I will start with in-person workshops, and plan to go online later this year!
  4. Continue creating. Whether it's making blankets or dreaming up our next Big Cotton yarn colors and patterns, I plan to continue creating! This is for the good of my own soul and for the good of this business. I love providing you with unique, one-of-a-kind products, and I plan to continue doing that.

As a small business, and currently one-woman-show (besides my super supportive and helpful husband!), this business is ever changing and evolving. If you have ideas about what you'd like to see, please reach out at any time. Stay Cozy isn't just the business name, but rather a state of being. I want to build and encourage friendships and creativity, and whether I know you in person or over the internet, you are welcome here!

Stay Cozy,

Jessica Bass

Wife, Mother, and Chief Creative Officer


  • I’m planning on buying your cotton yarn to make a baby boat (to hold craft items and a mischievous cat, not a baby). Do you sell the pattern or is it available on YouTube?

  • Hi Jess, wow I love your makes!

    I’m awaiting a granddaughter early July and was thinking to make a baby boat.
    However, I may consider purchasing one handmade due to limited time, as I’m in the UK.

    What size is the Mauve big cotton baby boat and what age will it go up to approximately?

    What is the turn around make time and postal time please?

    Kind regards,



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