Stay Cozy is moving

Stay Cozy is moving

The backstory

Nearly two years ago I found the studio where Stay Cozy is currently located, and I fell in love. The space, the big windows, the location. Everything was what I wanted and needed for that season of my life and business. But things have changed, and so has my vision for Stay Cozy.

When I moved into this space, I had been a stay at home mom for about 6 years. That coupled with the pandemic had left me feeling isolated, disconnected from much of my local community, and with a strong desire to get out of my house! Iykyk :)

When I found this space, I also was focusing much of my business around in-person classes. I wanted my own space to host, as well as more room to store a larger amount of inventory. It has served that purpose well, and even allowed me to meet my good friend Ashlee who shared the space with me for over a year. You can find her and her creative work at

Today, my kids are older, and although I still enjoy teaching in person, I want to focus more of my energy producing online content. My goal is to eventually have a full online course so anyone can learn how to hand knit or hand crochet, no matter where they live. I have made connections in the community over the last couple years and know there are spaces to hold in person classes if I choose. I also want more flexibility in my business so I can pursue other interests, new projects, and more products.

The plan

So where am I going?

Well, the short answer is back home. The longer answer is that we have a pole barn on our home property, and we have begun renovating a part of it into my studio! I will be sharing more of this process on my socials soon, but we are currently in the demo phase. I move out of my current space at the end of this month.

And what does this mean for you?

Really, not much will change on your end. The website will stay the same, and I will continue providing yarn and creative support, as well as new products, services, and education as I continue to evolve.


I just ran a Fall sale, and now I’m running a moving sale! I have a LOT of inventory to move, and since we are still in the the demo phase of my next space, I'd like to move the least amount into my garage as possible.

From now until the end of the month EVERYTHING will be on sale. Yarn. Merch. Decor. Stuffies. Keychains. Anything that is already made or ready-to-ship will be included. So buy your hearts out :)

And for locals...

When I first moved into my studio I had an open house. It was fun seeing friends, family, and customers in person, and it seems like the right way to move out. You'll be able to shop finished goods and yarn in person, or just stop by to say hello!

Save the date info is below:

Stay Cozy Open House
Sunday, October 22
120 3rd Ave SW, Ste 3, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

All of this to said...I am very excited for the future of Stay Cozy! I will miss my current studio, especially being above Dash Coffee, but I know I will stay connected with my local community in ways that feel good and beneficial to me and this season of my life.

Questions? Email me anytime! I'd love to hear from you.

Stay creative, Jessica


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