Vacation mode details

Every year, summer looks a little different around here...

My kids are getting older, and I'm learning what works best for me during the no school months. So here's what to expect...

I will be here and also not here.
Is that clear enough?

Just kidding :) Here are the actual details:

Vacay mode: June 8 - 22 and July 21-27
This means I will not be fulfilling orders during these times (unless it's a digital item that is automatically fulfilled to your inbox). Any orders placed during this time will ship out on the first business day I am back (June 24 & July 29). I will check email and DMs periodically, but expect a delayed response during these times.

Don't worry, you don't need to remember all of this. I will have a "vacay mode" note at the top of my website during these times as a reminder.

Custom Orders:
Expect a slightly longer lead time for customs. This will be communicated on the banner at the top of my website.

The rest of the summer I will be here and around pretty much as usual! Although my days may look different for me, it will pretty much be business as usual for you :)

Questions? Always feel free to email or DM me!

P.S. No, I did not make the granny square cardigan I'm wearing in the above photo. This was made by Jennifer at @LilacValleyCreations if you want to check out her various creations!